Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hannah, You bought me the most beautiful sewing book. Not only that, but it's also called Sew Easy and as the title implies it should be easy. And yet I've managed to make a mess of my little project. On page 143 there's the cutest Big Canvas Beach Bag. I thought, yeah, I can make that. I bought metres and metres of nice beachy canvas but then when I got home I thought... what am I doing? I've never made anything apart from a bib and a very simple bunny (all with your help) so I panicked and decided to do a small prototype version. So here it is... Oh! By the Way, I started it about two months ago.

Compare my rubbish version with the one in the book. Ans yes, I know mine has no handles but by that stage I had messed it up. Sorry Hannah, I'll try harder next time, but I know now I'm not born with the sewing gene. I love looking at the book over and over, though!


hannah said...

I think it looks pretty good, sew some handles on now then when Ana is bigger she can use it to carry stuff about.

And then, thet get that fabric out and sew a full size bag!!!

you can do it!! I have faith in you even if you dont!!And I want to see it when we meet up next month (no pressure then...) xxx

weirdbunny said...

I think it's a wonderful bag. I love making bags, but mine are only ever straight forward bags, nothing exciting.