Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back to crafts (I)

Ana is 2 today and this occasion (shouldn't we celebrate the giving birth of the mother more than the birthday of the person? Discuss) has kept me busy for a while. This little dolly came to life. Don't look too closely because many (and I mean many) things are wrong with her. And yes, that necklace is there for a reason. Don't ask. And I know what you are thinking about her orange hair, but I couldn't find any other colour felt even if I know I have plenty of felt somewhere in the house. And don't even get me started on the dress. How do people make these tiny cute outfits for dolls? Anyway, Ana looked at her new dolly and threw her at the floor. Charming!


hannah said...

don't worry, my kids usually react like that to toys I have made too! I think she looks pretty cute, and her orange hair goes pretty well with her stripey dress. Its nice to make something and get back into all that isn't it??

hannah said...

oh yes, and I think Mothers should get treated like royalty on birthdays, we had to (and have to) do all the work - and do we get any credit???? I dont think so!!

weirdbunny said...

She's a beautiful doll. My children make some cruel remarkes about some of the things I make, wait will she gets older! ~ love Julia x