Monday, December 01, 2008

Advent Calendar: done!

Done, made, finished! Well...kind of... I can see plenty of adding, removing, changing... but that's the sort of thing I like. An outgoing process, ever changing, never quite finished.

I used the lovely wool felt that gentlytiptoe gave me ages ago, a Linum table runner (which was the inspiration for the color scheme), some vintage fabric (Thanks to my great local charity shops) and old buttons (some lovely glass ones are some of my favourites). Did I mention I started it last year? I certainly did and it was going to be quite different to how's turned out, but I'm kind of pleased. Here are some close-ups:

And this is the entire calendar. Sorry about the flamenco dancer, nothing to do with it. She just happens to live there the rest of the year.

By the way, the filled pockets ( a mixture of tiny toys, cute finds and sweets) had to be emptied as a certain very impatient little girl couldn't cope with the day to day waiting when she first saw it.


Cele said...

Wow This is Brilliant. No wonder she was excited.

KP said...

This is wonderful, really lovely, I can't wait to see it when we come at Christmas

doro K. said...

what a really fantastic calendar! it's like a work of art. i love it!

many greetings, doro.

Katrin said...

so wonderful!

vincibene said...


pĆ¼ppilottchen said...

wow - fantastic!!