Thursday, June 24, 2010

Found 1

A new chariry shop in town has so many goodies that every time I pop in I find it really hard not to part with a couple of bits and bobs. Not useful things, not things I need, just cute objects to look at. I say to myself " Oh, I'll buy it and sell it in e-bay" but once I am at home and look at them I feel really lucky I found them and I don't want to part from them. Do you know the feeling? My hubby, with his monastic, minimalist ways is going mad everytime he sees something new around so now I've started to say that familiar female phrase "We've have that for ages, you just didn't notice before"  I've even  been buying some retro 1950's furniture that I plan to restore one day once baby O decides my arms aren't a second womb.

And there are even more surprises. This cute box was full of these...


ingrid said...

Lovely finds! I love that collection of bias tape, such wonderful colours!

Anonymous said...

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