Monday, May 01, 2006

30daychallenge (Day 25)

I'm going crazy!

Right, my camera is broken down. It died two days after being in Spain. Just typical! So this is me before going to Spain. Basically it reflects, in hindsight, how I feel at the moment. No camera. I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I took the camera yesterday to have it repaired I was told it may be better to get a new one! I bought today a "Which digital camera?" magazine today, and... did you know there's about 10 magazines to advise you on what to buy? Ridiculous. Anyway, I'm having a free estimate to see what's wrong and then I'll decide. So... this project is sort of a cheat because I really wanted to finish it but couldn't so... I may use some previously unwanted photos. !Asi es la vida! (That's life!)

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weirdbunny said...

Oh dear, when my camcorder broke they told me it would probably be chaeper to buy another.