Sunday, April 30, 2006

30daychallenge (Day 24)

Selfportrait III with Ana

Ana loved the brilliant weather we had in Spain. Her little feet could at last enjoy the sun after all winter being covered by socks. Next to her lies her tacky mouse (as named by me) which she has adored since it came to live with us. What I like about this photo is the gradient of light (is that proper English?) and how the ground in overexposed while Ana is underexposed.


hannah said...

I love how your shadow is in this picture too, and how, as you say, the ground is so overexposed it burns your eyes!! nice.

weirdbunny said...

That's cool how you did this photo. Also love her strippy leggings.

ilr said...

Weirdbunny, not much skill in this shot. The ingredientes are: a very sunny country, a sleeping baby and a working camera