Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick bag

Some women love shoes. I love bags (and boxes and containers and storage of any kind). I can't have enough of them. So this evening I made my first proper bag. Well, by proper I mean it looks like one but to be honest it feels quite flimsy as I didn't line it (too advanced for me!). It's made of an old dress and some cute fabric I found in a charity shop recently. Now off to bed. Buenas noches.


hannah said...

Hey, I thought you said you had no skill at finding stuff in charity shops???!!!!

Love the bag! you need to line it though, you can do that, then you can use it properly. got any of that fabric left to make one for me? - christmas is coming!!!

CBM said...

Gorgeous fabric combination. I really love it.

Now you've got one done, they'll be no stopping you.

There are some great bag tutorials out there too, you might enjoy. I think some are at Crafster.Org.