Friday, January 05, 2007


So 2007 has started and I forgot to do the customary new year's resolutions. Well maybe I didn't forget, maybe I didn't want to face making a list of things I should be doing but I never get done. In any case one of the things it should be in that list is this blog. I say to myself that this blog is a way of making me do something outside my two main roles: being a mum to Ana and teaching (oh and being a wife to Anadad, of course!) At the moment I have this strong need to be creative, you know: I need to make something! Don't be mistaken, I'm pretty rubbish at it but I still make. So my 2006 birthday present was a sewing machine and that was the start. I suppose for the last few months I've been making some stuff and it's a beginning but usually I feel it's not good enough and not worthwhile showing. So I was very pleased today when I saw that gentlytiptoe is showing some softies I made as Christmas presents. Thanks Hannah! And now I need to return the favour... Now, this is proper stuff:

How cute are you!!!

Hey, don't get scared

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hannah said...

aww, thankyou, she still looks like a kind of strange and weird looking rabbit though!! lol. Keep up the sewing, what are you making right now? hope you are busy on another task, and hope we get to see pics pretty soon!!