Saturday, February 24, 2007

Totally obsessed

I have to admit it. There is another man in my life. I'm totally and utterly obsessed by him. Since he entered my life he's being keeping me awake at night and can't stop thinking about him during the day. His name is Jack. Because of him I've stopped watching telly, reading, crafting, drawing, looking at blogs and talking to my husband (although he actually approves and also loves Jack, in a different kind of way, of course!). So now that I've admitted my love affair, let me tell you something about 24. It's the kind of series a girl should hate: ludicrous violence, endless action shots, plenty of chases and runs, no much human emotion and not many happy endings. But what about those crafty and very, very clever plots? There's some serious genius minds behind this programme and that is so refreshing to watch. So many twists and turns that you can't predict. I absolutely, totally adore it.

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weirdbunny said...

The troubel with Jack is you only have to miss one episode and you haven't got a clue what he's up. He certainly has a busy and complicated life.