Saturday, March 03, 2007

A little girl's room

One of the many, many great aspects of having a girl is getting to decorate her room. That is before she wants pink and purple everywhere, not my favourite colours at all.

This little girl loves to play in her room

And her mama loves to go in there and place things here and there. Decorate it, arrange it, rearrange it, and start again. Oh, how much fun! This is a glimpse of its present state at the moment. It won't last for long.


hannah said...

looking lovely. your owl looks great!

weirdbunny said...

Great bunting. Perfect for your daughters room.

Terra said...

Inspiring! I love the animal pattern fabric hanging in front of the window. What is it? I was playing that game today (decorating, arranging, rearranging in my daughter's room). I'm hoping to get it to the point soon where maybe they would show some pictures of it on It looks like you may already be there.