Monday, April 10, 2006

30daychallenge (Day 1: 6 April 2006)

My beautiful Ana

Ana looks soooooooooooooo beautiful here! I love her eyes, and the fact that they look more green than the actual blue that they are (me recuerda a papa). I love the fact that she is giving me the "mummy look" (not to be confused with the much more charming and flirty "dady look". I may go in depth into that at some point) . I like the textures: her cardigan and Alec's. I like the colours: cold like the weather still feels, but with a bit of warm coming, as seen in Ana's rosy cheeks.

I thought this could be a good photo to start the 30daychallenge. One photo a day! Great idea to get me back to take photos. But, knowing me, if I don't have boundaries, I digress, wander, meander and get loss in the world of options and possibilities. So, I decided to take this photo as the lead and link the next one with some of the colours or tones. Ah! also I've decided to take all the photos for the challenge in the same room. It gives me an excuse to spend more time in it. After all Room Alpha was always to be "my arty" room. Get that Alec?

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