Sunday, October 29, 2006

Moo (II)

One more cow. This one is made of some of Ana's baby clothes and is also my own creation. The eyes are a charity shop find and they came in a tatty plastic bag together with other buttons. They look quite old and I'm not even sure if they are buttons but I think they really suit her. This cow is soft and cuddly and Ana would love to suck her eyes out (she's tried a few times).

I still think I can /should make improvements on her, like the poor thing could do with having four legs. Working on it.


CBM said...

That is one funky little cow.

I never throw out clothing now with good fabric in it. I lament now what I have thrown out in the past.

hannah said...

your new cow is really sweet, i like her fine with 2 legs too (no one will notice!!) pretty tummy fabric. hopefully Ana will grow out of the sucking eyes out phase soon so she can play with her cow herd. (how cool would a whole herd of different cows be - that is now your challenge!!!

Anonymous said...

your cow is so cute and soft looking.