Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mushroom soup

Just finished cooking some lovely mushroom soup. I saw some reduced mushrooms this morning and had to buy them. I have never cooked it before but ate it at John Lewis the other day (they do the best home made soups) and fancied having a go

The recipe came from this book which I worship

The secret is adding some fresh grated nugmeg. Yummy. All gone now.


CBM said...

Looks delish. Do you recommend the book?

CBM said...

Me again, I just reread that post, and you did say you worship the book. I guess that means yes you recommend it.
Hmm..I have to stop just focusing on the pictures and read the words

ilr said...

Yes, cbm definetly buy the book. It is written alphabetically so you can choose the vegetable you want to focus on and then it gives you plenty of yummy recipes to cook.

Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms, your soup looks delicous, are you a vegetarian?