Monday, February 09, 2009

Made again

Last October we lost in Gatwick this teddy I made for Ana's 1st birthday. I was so upset we lost "pipi" I couldn't sleep that night (I bit sad, I know). Ana only noticed its absence because I kept on talking about how sad it was that teddy was gone, and oh I wonder where he is now kind of thing,  but it's not like she particularly missed it. Anyway, you can guess what comes next, I had to make another one, not for Ana's sake but for me. 

And here it is.

 I very much felt that I had to use the same materials and I couldn't resist to add a  little friend.

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hannah said...

And hopefully someone has found, taken home and loves the original Pipi too. So cute, I love the pink cheeks and the fact that the teddy has a teddy! And hey, well done, you sussed out the banner pic for your blog I see!