Friday, March 16, 2007

Apples for Jam

I wanted to say a few words about this wonderful recipe book by Tessa Kiros. She has included lots of wonderful and simple recipes that remind me of food when I was growing up in Spain. Although not a Spaniard herself, there is a Southern European feel to all the recipes, and she has divided the chapters into colours so she groups the recipes that way. As a result it's full of wonderful colour everywhere. I seriously recommend it. And the pictures she includes are as nice as the recipes. Have a look...

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Ana said...

Hola Ana,

Tambien tengo este libro, aunque me resulta dificil leer la letra tan finita que tiene y apenas he probado sus recetas. El otro dia me escribiste a mi blog, soy Ana, y vivo en Ash, cerca de Guildford. Y tu? tambien vives por aqui, no?