Sunday, March 18, 2007

Under attack

Ana has been attacked by one of these

My poor little girl is going through chickenpox and just when you think she is not going to have any more blisters, she develops even more. She is wippy, tired and wants to cuddle a lot (I like this bit). In the meantime her main carer (me) has not been feeling well either (could it be that I'm under attack as well? My mum doesn't remember if I had it or not!!) so we'll see where this episode takes us. In the meantime, lots of cuddles and sofa time.


weirdbunny said...

My daughter had it at 4 months old. The doctor her father who didn't have it as a child that the slightest bit unwell, he must go to the doctor immediately for anti viral drugs,as an adult they will give them too he. He started to feel unwell went and got them started taking them immediately and then a day or so later his spots appereared and he was very ill. He would have ben worse if he hadn't got the medication. Of course our son then got it, but me I was fine as I had it as a child. Do if your feeling unwell at all go the the doctors ASAP !!!!!

weirdbunny said...

The word 'told' needs to be inbetween doctore and her, first sentence !